This delicate leopard print combined with geometry adds a timeless touch. Wear it around your neck, as a bandana or simply on your shoulders for a naturally  effortless look.



This silk square embodies elegance and sophistication. Whether draped around the neck, waved at the start signal of a car race, or used  as a tablecloth for a picnic, this square never fails to attract attention.



The star light, navy elegance of this silk scarf, makes you wish you were on the beach tonight. It will  embrace you both on the sand of the beach and in the cozy chalet in the mountains.



Marine lightness

tied on your shoulders,

The irresistible desire for the open sea,

An ocean blue horizon like

single limit.

Bohemian elegance,

the square which underlines

your face. A memory

summer in the setting sun.

The melody of sunny days


An assumed coquetry,

An intoxicating sweetness,

Accomplice of your appearance,

It will illuminate your neckline.

Intertwined in a thousand ways,

carefully revealing a

part of your character.

Delicate silk enhances

this square of brilliance.

Around the waist,

it ties with lightness.

In belt,

it looks great.

In light silk,

folded with tenderness,

From one edge to the other, the square embraces

with finesse.

It holds your hair in

gentleness, subtle companion

for your whole day.

Dancing zephyr,

your Vespa sets off,

The scarf twirls,

a vacation memory

Romans. By the wind,

you travel beyond

Tuscan hills.

  • For our first collection, we decided to design silk squares that evokes French elegance. These pieces go beyond their role as a versatile fashion accessory,they are an invitation to a journey through the generations. They bear witness to the passage of time, to our heritage of different eras and styles. This collection represents a truly timeless ode to the French art. 

    Our story begins in the Lombard homelands of Gian Michele, our grandfather and founder of the family business. It is in Italy, where the global reputation in the textile printing industry is well established, that we draw part of our inspiration to build both our collections and our brand. A FRENCH RENDEZ-VOUS is, above all else, a commitment to celebrating Franco-Italian beauty. We are convinced of the cultural synergy between these two nations in the fashion sector which above all values ​​elegance.

    Our story continues with our grandmother and member of the first generation of the family business, Martha, who gave us the immense joy and honor of picking up the brush to create the designs that adorn our silk squares.

  • Martha finds her inspiration in her childhood memories, the landscapes of her native Lyon region, as well as in the works of the artists she admires. “Les Petites Dames”, the affectionate nickname that Martha gives to the effigies in our first collection, were created at the age of 16. They represent his artistic translation of his homage to French history and elegance.

    Our collection of silk squares bears witness to the heritage of this know-how that has been passed down to us in the use of inks, color manipulation, fabric choices and printing techniques that we are proud to represent and offer it to our generation.