Gently washing a square of silk is important to prevent any damage to the fabric. Fill a sink or large container with lukewarm water, avoiding using hot water, which could alter the quality of the silk. Immerse the square of silk in soapy water, preferably unscented Marseille soap, and gently agitate the fabric. Prefer delicate gestures given the delicacy of silk, and refrain from twisting or stretching the fabric. Rinse the silk square thoroughly with clean water to remove any soap residue.

To dry, spread the silk square on a clean, dry towel, making sure the fabric is taut to avoid creases. Let it air dry in the shade, avoiding direct sunlight so that the silk does not fade.

If necessary, iron the silk square on the reverse side at low temperature so as not to polish the silk, which could damage the fabric. Use a clean cloth as protection between the iron and the square.

After drying and ironing, place it in a cool, dry place. Avoid hanging to prevent alteration of the shape of the fabric.